Corrugated cardborard prduction line | high efficiency,swift and initial guarantee
The company has three high-speed five-layer corrugated cardboard production lines,program-controlled,width 2.5m, 250m/min,40-minute interval of roller change,non-stop change for new product,automatic paper feeding and stacking or customized production setting for corrugated cardboard.

Print | precision,accuration and reality
Many flexo printers made by Yuli of Taiwan,Shichang of South Korea,Dongfang of Shanghai and Topack of Beijing are in operation with the features of 2.3m*3.6m max.width ,high speed,precise printing setting ,133PLI dot gain and excellent printing effect.

Post-print | high quality ,swift and various styles
We have the advanced post-print equipments including laminating machine,die-cutting machine,automatic box pasting machine,carton stapler,and so on.

Localized printing and packing solutions in China
Copyringht® 2008haier FCM      ICP:080000