Qualification Certificate
  • 2000: License of Printing Business, Test Certificate of Envelope Production, Declaration Registration Certificate of the Customs of the People’s Republic of China for Consignors or Consignees of Imported and Exported Goods
  • 2001: ISO9000 (annually renewed)
    2002: ISO14000 (annually renewed)
  • 2003: Qingdao’s Most Respected Enterprise for Contract and Business Performance
    2004: License of Export Goods Packaging Containers, Certificate of Registered Trademark,the Qualification Certificate of Qingdao Municipality for Contract Management and Signing
  • 2005: Certificate of Bar/UPC Code Printing
  • 2006: QC080000 Certificate (ROHS Instructions), High and New Technology Enterprise Recognition Certificate
  • 2007: SGS China Management Innovation Award, China SIPO Patent Certificates, Award of Shandong’s Most Respected Enterprise for Contract and Business Performance, Qualification Certificate of Shandong for Contract Management and Signing, Confirmation Certificate of Foreign Capital Enterprise Using Advanced Technology

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