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  • Haier Fungchoi Testing Center sets up a constant temperature and humidity laboratory according to ISO standards and installs high accuracy testing equipments, including Japan made optical spectrum analyzer, micro-computer container compressor, spray tester for cardboard, ROHS testing machine, bursting strength tester, compression strength testing machine, electronic balance, constant temperature oven, constant temperature,humidity tester and ring crush tester. These advanced instruments can be used for more than 20 tests for paper, liner board, corrugated cardboard, corrugating medium, corrugated board and corrugated box, and also for chemical analysis of six hazardous substances stipulated by EC Directives. In addition, the Testing Center uses an artificial weather box to create different temperature or humidity conditions when a simulation test of strength attenuation is carried out for product samples.
  • To determine accuracy of testing equipments, Haier Fungchoi Testing Center conduct comparative tests irregularly with CPRTC, Qingdao Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and the Technical Center for Inspection & Quarantine of SDCIQ, ensuring an error within regulated range. Currently, the Testing Center is authorized by IKEA to conduct experiments and tests regularly on its packaging materials.

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