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Exquisite printing,Customer-oriented service

  • Haier Fung Choi is a joint venture by the abundance of color Group, Haier Group, a large commercial printing and packaging group. 
  • Companies rely on Haier advanced management mode and superb Fung ChoiPrinting and Packaging technology, adhering to the "Graphic Arts sincere, customer"business philosophy, innovative, rapidly developed into one of the most advancedprinting and packaging group of companies.
  • Integrating its own advantages in resources, to provide customers with design andprinting, packaging . validation overall solution to provide consumers withconventional products, paper toys.
  • Handbags, children's books, hardcover box, color box, carton, express six categoriesof export products, sold in the United States, Europe, Korea, Japan, Australia, fivedestination for international customers.
Localized printing and packing solutions in China
  • Qingdao Haier Fungchoi Printing Co., Ltd.
  • Qingdao Fungchoi Paper Products Co., Ltd.
  • Yantai Haier Fungchoi Packaging Co., Ltd.
  • Hefei Haier Huadong Packaging Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Fungchoi Color Printing Co., Ltd.
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